Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out

The Police

Hip-O Records/A&M

The vast majority of this fascinating doc was culled from countless hours of Super 8 footage shot by drummer Stewart Copeland, and the result is both more random and more personal than the usual behind-the-scenes flick. Augmented by Copeland's corny and equally insightful narration, the trio's rise from humping their own gear during their first American tour to being choppered in to play the US Festival at the height of their early-'80s fame is intimately chronicled. There's little mention of the final, Synchronicity era or of the increasing tensions that finally undid the band; a few telling quotes aside, Copeland dwells on the positive and ends things at what he considers the group's peak. Some might call that a cheat, but Everyone Stares is required viewing nonetheless. 4.5 stars