Freebie of the Week

Woman is woman's natural ally. —Euripides

You said it, 'ripi. In this humble chick's opinion, a whole gaggle of men have nothing on just a pair of women when it comes to working together for just about any cause. Through the ages, most women have been taught they must struggle to make their mark, to be counted with the testosterone-filled big boys. In fact, struggle and hard work, contrary to what some of my Y-chromosomed friends believe, are two of the things women do best. And so, for all you hard-working women waging a daily, silent battle to contend in what is arguably still a man's world: This year's Gulfport Womyn's Pride Festival is for you.

Taking place from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, May 20, the festival, now in its third year, gets bigger and better with each go 'round. Catering predominantly to the lesbian community, the afternoon is filled with activities for women of every sexual persuasion who enjoy the company of other females and want to support women-owned businesses. Float along on the laid-back vibe while sampling great food, decorating yourself with henna tattoos and admiring a wide variety of arts and crafts. A range of free health services are available, and the Tampa Tempest, Tampa Bay's women's professional football team, is meetin' and greetin' their public (gotta love a chick in uniform). Entertainment-wise, ladies can look forward to acoustic duo Those Two Girls; rock trio Liaison; local women's chorus No More Silence; Loud Zoo (drumming, eclectic tunes and belly dancing); and stand-up comedian Joanie G.

As if the whole day wasn't worthwhile enough, proceeds benefit the Sonia Plotnick Womyn's Health Fund. In memory of Sonia, who died of breast cancer, the fund promotes health in the womyn's community by providing financial grants to those in need of health care.

The festival takes place on the grounds of the Gulfport Recreation Center (on the beach), at 5730 Shore Blvd. S., Gulfport. Call 727-893-1068 or 727-346-9106.

—Kelli K