TIE: Flirt/1470 West

Whatever your taste in lesbians — tailored blonde or baby dyke, buxom mama or average Jo — she´s likely to be at Flirt. But really, Flirt is so much more convivial than a pick-up joint, and it´s not even exclusively lesbian or gay. Besides W4Ws and M4Ms, there´s a smattering of heteros and, in the case of the drag performers, a generous helping of gender-fuck. All of the ladies are stellar, but the magnificent Natasha Richards is in a class all by herself. Whether in trench coat or pasties, big hair or cornrows, speaking baritone or falsetto or just channeling her inner diva (one recent Saturday night she gave the bride-to-be in a bachelorette party an evening she will never forget), Natasha is never less than fierce. Speaking of fierce, the other winner for best drag show, 1470 West in Clearwater, spotlights two of the area´s most charismatic performers. Melanie Minyon, who also appears at Flirt from time to time and really knows how to work an audience, and the awesome Stephanie Shippae, a longtime star of the Bay area drag scene and ¨a vision of glamour¨ in St. Pete´s 2004 pride parade, according to the Times.

Flirt, 1909 N. 15th St., Ybor, 813-242-8681; 1470 West, 325 Main St., Dunedin, 727-736-5483