Web Site of the Week

Top Three reasons to check out www.skateparkoftampa.com: 1. The park itself is known throughout the skating world as a damn fine establishment. 2. The site is geared for both hardcore skaters and poseurs like myself. 3. You gotta like a site containing pictures of our very own Dave Jasper's ass. I mean, c'mon, what better way to humiliate a coworker? Besides the typical "we do this" stuff, like how to rent the park, lessons, etc., skateparkoftampa.com is filled to the brim with tons of contest photos, plus pix of skaters, crowds and whatever the hell else (can you say "mullet"?). Not content to just look at stills? SPOT provides us with a buttload of video clips. For reality TV at its best, check out the Live Webcam cast. If you see a dirtbag stealing banners, call the number listed and if they catch the perp, you'll get a free deck (no, not an addition to your house, a skateboard. Sheesh). Traveling out of the area? Check Skate Spots to see if there is a skatepark anywhere near your destination. Perfect for you folks on the move. And that's the merest fraction of what skateparkoftampa has to offer.

—Patrick J. Graney