The Ybor Shoe Licker

Not since the Senator has a freaky-deek become so infamous in Tampa’s historic district. The slender, somewhat androgynous fella known as “Jamie” approaches Ybor’s gentry, engages them in a lighthearted chat, and then compliments the shoes of his favorite male in the group. Here’s where it gets weird: After he supposedly bends down to inspect the footwear, he proceeds to make out with the guy’s foot. Jamie licks the laces. Jamie licks the sole. Jamie has no fear of feces or bug carcasses. The lickings have recurred over the past six months, and so far Jamie — miraculously — has not gotten his jaw kicked off his face. He must have a good screening process. Some suggest he might have some narcissistic-OCD-schizoid personality issues, but Jamie says he’s just after new experiences, scented with eau de sweaty Converse. Check out his latest exploits on his Facebook page: The Tampa Bay Shoe-Licker.