Dave Matthews Band jams at the Amp

By now, I realize it's a waste of effort to point out that Dave Matthews is a substandard talent, especially in proportion to the adoration he receives from his hordes of fans. It's pointless to maintain that Dave Matthews does little more than front a run-of-the-mill jazz-fusion band, that all he contributes besides mediocre songs is a grating voice and some serviceable acoustic guitar chops. It's pointless because thousands and thousands of you have already bought your tickets and are eagerly waiting to commune with Dave and the legions. Let me further point out, though, that Gomez, from England, is a terrific pop-rock band (with some jam cred), one that turns out grabby hooks, features two distinctive lead vocalists and ace musicianship. So go to see Dave, by all means — you will anyway — but instead of pounding that last beer in the parking lot, head in and see Gomez.

Dave Matthews Band w/Gomez, Wed., July 9, 7 p.m., Ford Amphitheatre, Tampa. $75, $67.50 reserved seats; $40 lawn. livenation.com.