Bash, Hat Trick Theatre

The stage at the Silver Meteor Gallery was tiny, the lighting was crude, the air conditioner too noisy; and still Neil LaBute’s Bash was a sensation, offering three disturbing one-acts, one of which was as terrifying as any Greek tragedy. This ultra-disturbing play was called “Medea Redux,” and was the story of a 13-year-old girl (April Bender) who comes to believe that her junior high school teacher is trying to seduce her. Suspicion gives way to reality, then betrayal, then finally horror — and suddenly we share an almost unbearable knowledge with the ancient Greeks who, for a moment, we may understand. The other two plays, “Iphegenia in Orem” and “A Gaggle of Saints” were also intense, but oh that “Medea” — oh the pity! Oh the terror! -Mark E. Leib