Mad Chiller World isn't just a kava bar along Tampa's SoHo strip

There are waffles.

click to enlarge These waffles look almost as good as the ones Mad Chiller World churns out. - Pixabay
These waffles look almost as good as the ones Mad Chiller World churns out.

Scrolling through Uber Eats the other night, this food editor came across Mad Chiller World.

But before writing off the recently opened establishment along Tampa's SoHo strip as just a kava bar, I noticed a menu item that piqued my interest much, much more: build-your-own waffles — pressed, topped and drizzled with a number of ingredients ranging from whipped cream and blueberries to toffee and peanut butter glaze.

Anything one's gluttonous heart desires under one roof at 118 S. Howard Ave., basically.

I mean, I was about to place an order after 9 p.m., so I definitely considered making a smothered liege waffle — maybe even the vegan version — my breakfast-for-dinner indulgence. Ultimately, I didn't, but do check out the eats for yourself.

Or the bar's kava and herbal teas. Whatever. It's your life.

Alongside BYO waffles, Mad Chiller World offers specialty waffle creations that include S'mores Galore (a waffle sandwiched with marshmallow glaze, graham cracker and Nutella) and Nana's Fried Chicken & Waffles (a waffle paired with six fried chicken wings, which can be covered in sauces like pineapple rum or mango habanero).

What else? Flatbread pizzas — there's vegan cheese available for these — and wings sans waffles.