Hurricane Michael death toll updated to 35

Dozens are still missing.

So many of us have largely moved on from our lives, but the victims of Hurricane Michael are just starting to pick up the pieces. For the first time since the storm made landfall on the Panhandle, residents have been able to return home and see the damage.

As of Tuesday, many of the locals who stayed behind are still unaccounted for, and the New York Times says that dozens of people are still missing.

A new report from the Weather Channel says that at least 35 deaths have been caused by the hurricane, with 25 in Florida alone.

While some have decided to leave altogether, life will continue to be difficult for those who've decided to stick it out and rebuild. Looters are picking through homes and businesses, and folks are living in tents. Schools, prisons and even Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City have been destroyed while estimates say that 90-percent of Florida's cotton crop may have been lost.

At least Waffle House, which has always been an unofficial barometer for how bad things are in a storm, has returned.