Adventures in Weekending: 10 things to do on Indian Rocks Beach

It's a four day weekend. Let's do this...

click to enlarge It's the weekend. Thank God the Tiki bar is open. - Mr.TinDC via Flickr
Mr.TinDC via Flickr
It's the weekend. Thank God the Tiki bar is open.

It's a four-day weekend for us — and we hope it is for you, too. So let's get to it and make the most of it. No reason to spend the weekend assembling an IKEA closet system, which we're totally not doing. Head to the beach — summer's out there, waiting. Specifically, Indian Rocks. Here are some things to do on Indian Rocks Beach this weekend.

1. Oceanstone Unplugged: On the Rocks

click to enlarge It's the weekend. Thank God the Tiki bar is open. - Mr.TinDC via Flickr
Mr.TinDC via Flickr
It's the weekend. Thank God the Tiki bar is open.

Get your Tiki on here. It's a Tiki bar, and it has live music Saturday night. In fact, maybe just leave us here while you get your lobster on at...

2. Crabby Bills: with live music

click to enlarge July 4th weekend with KnR! - Pexels
July 4th weekend with KnR!

Kick off the long weekend at Crabby Bills with KnR. Look, it's a small town and Crabby's is kinda at the center. Head there Saturday, grab some oysters or whatever floats your boat — this crab looks pretty damn good — and kick back with...

3. Acoustic live music

Wilkins at Crabby's IRB - Daniel Phelps via IncirlikAirBase
Daniel Phelps via IncirlikAirBase
Wilkins at Crabby's IRB

It's the original Crabby Bills, which is the only worth its salty dogs, in our opinion. Sunday night combine lobster and acoustic guitar with one of those salty dogs (or a cold brewski). Another reason to give Crabby's your money? They're also sponsoring the...

4. IRB 4th of July Beach Cleanup 

click to enlarge IRB 4th of July Beach Cleanup - GiorgioGaleotti via Wikimedia Commons
GiorgioGaleotti via Wikimedia Commons
IRB 4th of July Beach Cleanup

So, wait, you say. I can't clean the beach — I feel too gross to move because you guys sent me to all the food things. Fair enough. But the antidote is exercise. Train for a triathlon (you don't actually have to do one) with the Clever Training Run and Triathlon Club Sunday. You won't regret it, because then you'll feel totally justified grabbing a slice of pizza at...

6. Slyce

click to enlarge Slyce Indian Rocks Beach - Pexels
Slyce Indian Rocks Beach

It's pizza. Go ahead, you've earned it. You'll need the nutrition to power through, because before we're done we're gonna suggest a few more eateries, like...

7. The Kooky Coconut

Kooky Coconut - Max Pixel
Max Pixel
Kooky Coconut

Us old-time beach heads know this as "the place that used to be called Elena '85. Our favorite thing? OK, don't laugh, but we really like their burgers. Perfect beach food when you have a place to eat — as they do — sans seagulls.

8. Keegan's Seafood Grille

click to enlarge Keegan's Seafood Grille - Nadine Doerle via PixabayKeegan
Nadine Doerle via PixabayKeegan
Keegan's Seafood Grille

This is the best place. Why? It just is. Maybe it's the small space, maybe it's how surprisingly good the bar-type food can be, maybe that it's not just bar food... but if you've never been there, you really do need to go. Trust us. Need more seafood? OK, well you can always go back to...

9. The Original Crabby Bills 

click to enlarge The Original Crabby Bills - Max Pixel
Max Pixel
The Original Crabby Bills

Seriously, it's like the seafood hub of Indian Rocks Beach. And no, they didn't pay us to say that. In fact, most of the other locations are pretty awful, but for some reason, this one still rocks. Don't focus on why, focus on getting your food and paying in time to...

10. Watch the sun go down.

click to enlarge Sunset panoramic  at Indian Rocks Beach - Jarrod via Flickr
Jarrod via Flickr
Sunset panoramic at Indian Rocks Beach

Seriously, it's why we live here. You should probably catch more sunsets.

Hey! Short week next week — we'll see you back here soon. 

Let us know what's happening this weekend in your town; submit your event to local.cltampa.comand we may feature your neighborhood in a future Adventures in Weekending.