Do This: Get trashy with the mayors

Join the Mayors' 49th Street Cleanup and Chiefs' Chat

Here at CL, we like to call it the Hog Highway, because of all the yummy smoked ribs you can buy there, but this Saturday morning, check out 49th St. S. for a different reason: For the third year running, St. Pete and Gulfport mayors Rick Kriseman and Sam Henderson will grab a trash picker and clean the once-neglected corridor, along with help from local community groups. This Mayors' 49th Street Cleanup, the brainchild of Gulfport Neighbors, started as a way to bridge the perceived gap between Gulfport and St. Petersburg's neighboring communities. Along with litter removal, Gulfport Neighbors has also organized a joint chat with both police chiefs where people from either city can speak with the chiefs in a less formal setting. So, two mayors and two police chiefs (and a score of other public officials, most likely) all in one place... you can get an audience with any of them so long as you don't mind grabbing some gloves, a trash picker and a trash bag. Bonus: post-cleanup lunch provided. 

Mayors' 49th Street Cleanup and Chiefs' Chat

Tangerine Greenway, 49th St. S. and Tangerine, Gulfport.

Oct. 1, 7:45 a.m. Event page "3rd Annual Mayors' 49th Street Cleanup and Chiefs' Chat" on Facebook.