Inject this new David Straz campaign video directly into my veins

David Straz’s new “Just Imagine” campaign video debuted last night and it's uh, something

Multimillionaire philanthropist David Straz is headed to an April 23 runoff election against former Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor, and we think that his brand-new 60-second spot is just the thing to catapult him into the mayor’s office.

The soft-rock-driven clip hit the web on Tuesday night and finds the candidate talking to soccer kiddos, construction women, a boardroom full of youngsters, and even having cafe con leches with folks at King Corona in Ybor City. There’s also a shot of him talking to some lucky undergrads at the University of Tampa. All things that make a successful mayor.

Put it in my veins. 

We’ve reached out to the campaign to find out who wrote the jingle, but we’re still a little pissed that the Straz campaign rockabilly jingle about red light cameras and ambulances flew under the radar.

Watch the clips above and below, and register to vote in the runoff via Your move, Jane Castor.