St. Pete Artworks hosts opening reception for Martha Gipson's feather and bird art

Martha Gipson's 'Feathers Show the Way' takes a closer look at our feathered friends.

St. Pete ArtWorks presents a bird's eye look at bird feathers in Martha Gipson's latest exhibit, Feathers Show the Way. The exhibit features — unsurprisingly — bird feathers.

Gipson says she often sees birds when she's experiencing deep distress, and that they bring her "comfort, grace and strength" when they do.

"I love the fleeting nature of birds, the unable-to-grasp-ness, conveying life’s mystery,“ she adds.  The artist collects bird feathers to acknowledge and honor them, and it's not unusual for her to use those feathers in collage or with layers of paint, wash, glaze and cold wax.

Feathers Show the Way | St. Pete ArtWorks, 2412 Central Ave, St. Petersburg | Nov. 13-Dec. 8.; opening reception Nov. 13, 6 p.m. | Map to St. Pete ArtWorks & other event info at