Wagon Wheel

Piles and piles of cheap crap in every direction — the telltale sign of one happenin' flea market. Wagon Wheel is a bargain-shopper's delight, with more than 3,000 vendors offering up their stuff. Want a fake designer bag — go to Wagon Wheel. Want a new plant — ditto. Want to find more stuff then you'll ever score at any one garage sale — once again, Wagon Wheel Flea Market is where you should be. And admit it, it's fun to go through other people's stuff, and here it's encouraged. But remember, with the ever-sprawling layout of Wagon Wheel, make sure you go when you have plenty of time to take in the full spectacle. You might even leave with a few choice purchases after engaging in an enthralling debate over the price. After all, it's a flea market — so put your bargaining hat on.

Wagon Wheel Flea Market, 7801 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park, 727-544-5319.