Swings Tampa Bay

Who woulda thunk a homemade swing could be the start of a movement? Some of the judges for CL’s 10/100/1000 contest last spring were at first unpersuaded by Swings Tampa Bay, but the sweet simplicity of the idea — hanging colorful rope swings in unexpected places, leading to spontaneous bursts of inter-generational playfulness and communion — won us over. And now the brainchild of USF students Reuben Pressman and Hunter Payne has grown from a guerrila effort to a full-fledged cause celebre, with a new website, swing-painting parties, plans to create a 501(c)3 — and, of course, swings. “We’ve hung 61 swings and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!” their website promises. There’s one hanging in CL’s office — swing on by.