Bushi and Rogerthomas team up to release new song, creepy video — watch “Coffin” now

“It’s about going to The Bends.”

click to enlarge A still from "Coffin," the new video from Bushi and Rogerthomas. - Michael Nyman.
Michael Nyman.
A still from "Coffin," the new video from Bushi and Rogerthomas.

Kersey Williams’ haunting St. Pete Beat video at a local cemetery was a nice spooky, uke-y walk with the Bay area songwriter behind Bushi. But that was five years ago, so it’s nice to reconnect with Williams as she teams back up with another Tampa Bay composer and multi-instrumentalist — Roger Lanfranchi — for a new song, “Coffin.”

Officially released as a Bushi x Rogerthomas collab, the project — which started with Williams sending Lanfranchi stems — remains unnamed, but is an updated, albeit glitchier, extension of the work they did six years ago.

“I've found it supremely fun and exciting to rework them, whether it be into flip, remix or entirely new thing altogether and so far we have another completed track along with more in various stages of production,” Lanfranchi said, adding that he hopes to put out a full record for the project.

"Roger is an angel. We've played music together for six years now,” Williams told CL when asked about what’s changed in the last half decade. “[making music with him is] the same except, now I have a casio and listen to vaporwave."

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The duo also has a creepy, clown-laden video to go with its song, too. The three-minute clip features 8mm footage shot by director Michael Nyman’s grandfather in the 1960s. Nyman says it was collected from the time his own father was a toddler and shows scenes from various family vacations, parades and holidays.

“This footage held a lot of personal meaning for me and I’ve held onto it for use in the right project, and this song felt like a perfect fit,” Nyman added. “As Kersey’s lyrics proclaim, it was metaphorically like opening up a coffin to a time well before my own life - an intergenerational, postmortem collaboration from beyond the grave.”

Williams, for her part, is more abstract about the song’s meaning.

“It's about going to The Bends."

Watch the video below.