The Blotter

MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME: Childcare can be such a drag, especially when the kids are grown and drunk. A Tampa woman was having difficulties with her 26-year-old son, who had become belligerent, "hitting her and being abusive." The woman called her ex-boyfriend who lived up the road for help, but when the son realized his mother's ex was on the phone, he began yelling that he would "beat his ass," too. The ex-boyfriend, who stated the suspect was "like a step-son to him," drove to his ex-girlfriend's house, but did not stop, as the suspect was on the porch and could be heard yelling "faggot" at the passing car. The victim, sensing that the threats of violence were real, quickly drove home and "parked in a vacant field to the west of his residence," careful to stay out of sight. A few minutes later, the suspect (ostensibly walking his dog) approached the victim's house and could be heard breaking through the front door. The victim called police, who upon their arrival spied the suspect "sitting on the couch in the living room. He was drinking a beer and had the stereo playing." In his defense, the defendant stated post-Miranda that "he entered the victim's house to wait for him to beat him up. He didn't want to kill him, just hurt him real bad." They grow up so fast.

JUST DID IT: The owner of Charpal Lounge and Package Store on Busch Boulevard was behind the counter one evening watching the cashier ring up customers. A man unfamiliar to the owner entered the store, went straight for a $14 bottle of Bacardi Zombie, grabbed it and ran out of the door without paying. The owner gave chase, pursuing the man as far as a Hess station near the lounge, but was unable to catch him. While the thief did get away with the Zombie, the owner managed to nab one of the man's shoes — a brown Nike boot — which had fallen off during the chase.

groin pull: A male officer targeting prostitution spotted a possible hooker sitting on a HARTline bench at the corner of Nebraska Avenue and Lambright Street in Tampa. The officer stopped his car near the bus stop, the woman approached the vehicle, the officer asked her if she wanted to get in the car and the woman entered without saying a word. So far, so good. The usual blowjob negotiations began, with the officer requesting service and looking for a price, but the suspect started stalling, saying, "I don't know." She must have sensed something, as the officer states in the report, "She then asked if I was a cop, and grabbed my groin area." The tug test proved unreliable in this case, as the dealmaking then continued, leading to the woman's arrest.

From the files of the T.P.D.