The Funny Pages


Phan 4

Spring Hill MC Laws has plenty of vocal talent. A listen to any one of the 16 tracks on The Funny Pages proves it. And despite the impression made by this CD's title, he's not some novelty or comedy rapper. Sure, there are some funny lines here (and a few duds, like in the obligatory opening skit), but there's a whole lot of everything else, too. Laws takes to skewering corporate rap; the underground scene; wannabes and clueless "fans" with equal parts humor and vitriol; gets positive on the subject of individuality and turns vulnerably heartfelt when addressing family. But skills aren't the only thing that makes or breaks a hip-hop release, and his hooks and the CD's production are both a bit weak — not crushingly so, but his razor-sharp verses show their flaws in sharp relief. 3 stars