Poet's Notebook: Gun crazy

Our nation has a problem.

This week, Florida Poet Laureate and CL columnist Pete Meinke returns to verse, to process, react and respond to the shooting in Las Vegas in which a lone gunman armed with 47 weapons murdered 58 people and injured nearly 500 more before being killed himself by police. —Ed.

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Jeanne Meinke

The Pulse of Vegas


Because it’s crazy!  she cried   Guns

everywhere  even the ones

who hear voices in the attic

can buy semi-automatics

from patriotic Americans

in the NRA  the true sons

of freedom and our nation’s

guardians  though that seems problematic—

because it’s crazy

O my broken dears   the fun’s

run out of you  little skeletons

 dancing in an ecstatic

rattle  rained like sleet from sick fanatics

armed by ourselves  who weep  stunned

Because it’s crazy