Drink beer while you appreciate these three artists at Pinellas Ale Works in St. Petersburg

Take a gander at 'Summer Redux', with art from Alexandra Bauman, Judy Cole and Jodi Loson.

click to enlarge "Sleeping" - Alex Bauman
Alex Bauman

Summer Redux opened quietly and without fanfare at Pinellas Ale Works Thursday night, which is why you might have missed it. No opening reception, no grand ball...jeez, it's almost like art happens everyday in Tampa Bay. That doesn't mean it's not a big deal when it does — so definitely get to PAW and take a gander at the show, which features work from Alexandra Bauman, Judy Cole and Jodi Loson. Both Bales and Loson have exhibited before with Funky As A Monkey, Tampa Bay's traveling gallery troupe, but Bauman's new to the party (p-art-y, get it?). She's a St. Petersburg artist who creates using a variety of mediums — it's as common to see one of her paintings as it is to see one of her embroideries.

Bales, who hails from Kansas City, MO, started her art life as a painter, but turns out painting was a gateway medium, and she ultimately grew addicted to the harder stuff, like etching. She's a graphic designer by trade printmaking's her passion.

Loson was born in New York but escaped (we don't blame you, Jodi!). Her art focuses on photography, but you'll also catch a smattering of collage and found object sculpture in her catalog of work. 

Summer Redux | Pinellas Ale Works, 1961 1st Ave. S., St. Petersburg | Through Aug. 24 | 813-231-2579 | More info — including brewery hours — at Local