Get Gulfported: A walking tour of Gulfport

Start with history. Meet a mullet king. End with drinks.

Gulfport Walking Tour

St. Pete Preservation and the Gulfport Historical Society, Gulfport History Museum, 5301 28th Ave. S., Gulfport. July 14, 7 p.m. $5.

Come walk with me. No, I’m not trying to get you to join a cult-like walking club, I want you to come on a walking tour of Gulfport. I’m on the board of the Gulfport Historical Society, and when St. Pete Preservation asked if we’d co-host a walking tour of Gulfport, we couldn’t say yes fast enough. The tour starts at the museum, moves past the home of the Mullet King, down the little-known “Gulfport Ridge” (wanna live by the water and not need flood insurance? This is where you move), then over to Beach Boulevard. I’ll even show you Gulfport’s freshwater spring. The tour ends at Pia’s Trattoria, because her building has some cool history and St. Pete Preservation likes their evening summertime tours to end at bars or restaurants, so people can get a glass of prosecco or scotch and talk about how awesome history is. And history is awesome, made more so by the liberal application of alcohol. Apparently. I wouldn’t know.