Adventures in Weekending: The Princess Bride, Carl Hiaasen and Marc Cohn.

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

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Do you, by chance, have six fingers on your right hand?

I've been ill this week, and the best movie in the world to watch is Princess Bride. There are a few movies I can recite almost line for line: Princess Bride comes in second only to Captain Ron. So when I’m done writing this I’ll put in on Netflix and let the demons of illness consume me, all the while looking forward to seeing Cary Elwes in person this weekend. Before I can go see him, though, I have to feel better. Which I must do by Friday, because this weekend’s jam-packed with goodness.

First stop: Friday night.

Seminole Heights celebrates the coming of the next month with First Friday Art in the Heights. Stop by Red Door No. 5, Tempus Projects, Cunsthaus, the Disco Dolls... look, it's a long list. Head over there but click on that link above to see all the reasons why.

Marc Cohn plays at Ruth Eckerd Hall if you want something more passive. Grab a brew at Crooked Thumb first and pray to the god of your choosing they have a food truck, because I'm at a loss as to what's good up there. Clearwater and I have a complicated relationship, to say the least.


Wake up early and run for a cupcake. Never mind that the standard 5K run doesn't actually burn enough calories to negate the cupcake; just get up and run in the 2nd Annual Race for the Cupcake. Don't think of it as exercise; thinking of going to the beach and eating a cupcake. Want to run but don't live near the beach? No fear, the Tampa Bay Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk in Temple Terrace has you covered.

Looking for a more, ahem, recreational walk? Does the idea of a dog in a wheelchair make you want to be a better person? Take the half-mile sojourn from 

See Cary Elwes at the Straz. I could launch into a litany of quotes here — "Inconceivable!"; "You keep using that word... it does not mean what you think it means"; and my favorite Princess Bride twist on Buddhism, "Life is pain, Highness... anyone who tells you different is selling something." But I won't, because, well, if you want to relive this classic, go hear him speak. He's going to give you a behind-the-scenes view of this film. 

Sunday brings brunch at Rae-Rae’s (check out their donuts), then rest before seeing Carl Hiaasen at the Straz — read my interview with Florida’s iconic crime novelist. Have fun stormin’ da castle.