Short List

We Love ...

Ronda Storms' Fla. Senate Candidacy

Bottom line: She's off the County Commission and that's all that matters.

Charlie Murphy

You haven't lived until you've heard him cut on a retarded hippo that died in the tsunami.

The year of magical thinking

Read Joan Didion's memoir and you'll stop bitching about your own life — for at least a week.


But seriously, wasn't the hype over the AKC/Eukanuba show a tad much?

First movement of Mahler's Ninth Symphony

Stefan Sanderling and The Florida Orchestra rocked the house.

Marshall and Kim

May they find the happiness that eluded them during Em's first five best-selling discs.

The leading sports blog source for shots of professional athletes with bar honeys.

Charlie Crist

The Times reports he's dating a woman from St. Pete. Now, that's hot political news.

Condi Rice

Insulted by Russian party leader who said she "lacks men's attention"; ruled out a 2008 presidential bid; then, refused to apologize for Pakistani civilian deaths. Quite a week.

Instant Replay

Without it, the Colts-Steelers game would have been a total snoozer.

The alley behind Mastry's

Trés romantic.

Ann Coulter

OK, we're lying about this one.

Compiled by Weekly Planet staff