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Wil Wheaton http://www.wilwheaton.net

Wil Wheatonhttp://www.wilwheaton.net

OK, I need somebody to explain something to me. After all, I'm not a dumb guy, yet here I sit, naked in my ignorance and a pitiful sight to behold. And try as I might to wrap my brain around this occurrence, no logical answer comes to mind. So I implore you, dear reader, to impart some knowledge upon my humbled brain. And the question is: What is with so many sites linking to wilwheaton.net? Seriously, is there some inherent cool factor that I am not aware of? It's Wil Wheaton, for Christ's sake. Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. And apparently he has his own Web site that he writes, maintains and updates on a fairly regular basis. And no, not his PR guy, ol' Willy boy himself writes it. I mean sure, ya gotta give him points for that and maybe a couple extra for being a sarcastic little bitch. Like when you go to the gallery section; the first line you see is, "If you are looking for pictures of me shirtless as a 12-year-old, so you can touch yourself, you are a sick fuck, and can leave now." Atta boy. And the last Q&A from the FAQ is, "Will you come over to my house and tell my brother to stop leaving the toilet seat up? Yes. Just as soon as you tell your mom to stop calling me. I was drunk, and it was a one time thing." Damn. He doesn't take himself seriously, either. So basically, it's just this actor who admits he's a geek taking the piss out of himself and writing some pretty funny stuff. Huh. Maybe Wil ain't so bad after all.

—Patrick J. Graney