Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is worried about urine

Don't even think about pee pee.

click to enlarge Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is worried about urine
Photo via Office of Gov. Ron DeSantis

Matt Gaetz, the Florida congressman who is about to face a House probe and possible disbarment for threatening Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen over social media, is very upset about a woman wishing him a golden shower over social media. 

Last weekend, Samantha Pollara, who currently serves as a staffer with Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, commented on a Facebook post that she wished a recent liquid that was thrown on Gaetz was instead urine, a pithy comment that resulted in Florida’s loudest congressman demanding a response from her employer. 

On Sunday, June 30, Gaetz tweeted  “Hey ⁦@PeteButtigieg⁩ - this is a reply from a member of your campaign inciting (rather gross) violence against me after someone previously threw a drink on me. Is this what your campaign stands for?”

After doxing Pollara by posting her photo to Twitter, Gaetz announced that Pollara called him and apologize for the social media mistake, which was apparently enough for the congressman. “Samantha gave me a very nice call and apology. That is how reasonable people behave and it’s certainly good enough for me,” tweeted Gaetz on Sunday night.

It makes sense Gaetz is worried about yellowish liquids being tossed in his direction. Last month, the Pensacola lawmaker was “milkshaked” when police say 25-year-old Amanda L. Kondrat'yev successfully drilled Gaetz with an orange drink. As of today, he has not received an apology from Kondrat'yev, who is currently facing battery charges and raising money for her legal fees

Meanwhile, Gaetz himself has yet to apologize for: 

There’s obviously more to be added to this list, but we’re not going to hold our breath for any apologies from Gaetz’s direction. 

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