Sh*t Happened 9/15/17: Stan Lee coming to MegaCon, celebrities helpful and otherwise


Welcome to Friday. We're gonna keep this short. Thank you for choosing Sh*t Happened for your using-up-just-a-little-bit-of-your-device's-battery needs.

Stan Lee, a comics deity known to younger non-geek generationals as "that befuddled old guy with one line in every Avengers movie," is coming to Tampa's MegaCon in two weeks, and will be auctioning off stuff like a one-on-one dinner and unique items from his personal collections to help augment Hurricane Irma relief efforts. We're not saying your PawPaw isn't cool, we're just saying your PawPaw isn't Stan Fucking Lee.

If you've enjoyed taking to social media over the past five days to opine that people complaining about lack of water, gas and electricity are spineless whiners who should be thankful they're still breathing, you're just Hulk Hogan's kind of person. We'll leave it up to you to decide for yourself whether or not that's a good thing. (Editorial: We're not sure that's a good thing.)

The Bucs' Clinton McDonald joined the ranks of local pro athletes helping out post-Irma by arranging for food trucks to distribute free eats in some of Tampa's hardest-hit neighborhoods. One might see how this could be a more tangibly supportive way to exert one's name recognition and financial influence than calling people crybabies on Twitter.

And finally, the number of babies born during Irma in Manatee County now stands at seven. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Because we're thinking ska band.