The Dancing Goat

Raw milk — as in fresh, straight-from-the-udder milk that’s not been pasteurized — is all the rage in health food circles. Enthusiasts claim pasteurization kills helpful bacteria and enzymes that have myriad health benefits, from reducing blood pressure to curing digestive disorders. Plus, it’s more flavorful. Unfortunately, the state of Florida doesn’t allow the sale of raw milk for human consumption; small dairy farmers can only sell it for your pets. But many families buy raw milk under the guise of Fluffy for their own benefit, and they’ve found Pam Lunn, owner of The Dancing Goat, to be the safest bet in the Tampa Bay area. She’s one of the few in the state licensed to sell raw milk and, as customers can attest, she has the freshest goods available. Catch her at area farmers’ markets or various health food stores across Tampa Bay. Got goat milk?