Treasure trail

The Weekly Planet Holiday Scavenger Hunt

The Weekly Planet held a contest in conjunction with this Holiday Guide. This contest is no longer valid, but test your knowledge of Tampa with this quiz!

Tell us where these gifts can be found and you'll be entered into a Planet prize drawing.

Hint: Every one of them can be found in a shop mentioned in this week's Holiday Guide.

Whitefinger Starfish

Stellar sea creatures in a whiter shade of pale, these starfish are sold in fishnet bags and make nice gifts for the beach-house owner who has everything. Or you can do as one customer did and buy several bagsful to decorate the Christmas tree. Bag of six starfish for $26.

Where to find them: __________ in Pass-A-Grille.

O you beautiful doll

This wild-haired bloomer girl with the slightly skeptical expression is one of a collection of dolls with distinctive personalities created by craft artist Jill Oldenski. $79.

Where to find it: ___________ in Pass-A-Grille.

Elvis in Las Vegas figurine

Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire. $14.99.

Where to find it: _______ in Seminole Heights.

Chinese Jade Face Massager

This lovely device has jade rollers on each end, one larger than the other, affixed to the jade handle by brass fittings. The smooth green stone rolls over your skin to luxurious effect. Don't limit it to just your face, though; good for shoulders, neck, hell, just let your imagination run wild. $18.

Where to find it: ___________ in Grand Central.

Tree Frog Sculpture by Kumpa Tawornprom

This massively oversized amphibian can hang just about anywhere — just like its much smaller real-world inspiration — adding a burst of color that's playful without getting too hippie-dippy. Just don't mount it above your front door, unless you want passersby mistaking your place for a new Rain Forest Café. $350.

Where to find it: __________ in Safety Harbor.

Collectible Hulk figure


Well of course he does.

Looking like an escapee from a Suncoast nudist resort, the Hulk lets it all hang out for the camera. But when you're lean, mean and green, why hide it? With or without clothes, this guy would make a "smashing" additional to any Christmas stocking. $20.

Where to find it: ______________ in Gulfport Art Village.

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