Green is not the new black

The Amandas dole out fashion advice.

Help! I have this friend; let’s just call him, “the cowboy”, who owns this ridiculous green pleather jacket that looks like something a villain would wear in a 1970s Kung-Fu movie. Now the cowboy can pull it off somehow and that’s not where my issue is; my issue is that he is spawning imitators. My brother just unveiled one from his closet and despite my protest he wears it proudly, as does every other guy I see in the neighborhood lately. I’m not a confrontational person, so do you think there is a way to nicely tell the growing army of greenies to rethink their pleathered ways?

green is not the new black

Nice Amanda
Dear Green is not the new black,
Personally, I see no problem with a green pleather jacket. It sounds super cute to me, so much better than a black jacket which can make people look so unapproachable. I say embrace the fashion statement and commend them on not killing a poor defenseless little cow in their quest for warmth and style!

Now, if you MUST do something about it, which I recommend you don’t because it will only upset people, approach the situation with love. Maybe print out this picture and paste it into the “fashion don’ts” section of the newest People magazine.

Mean Amanda
Mean Amanda thinks fashion is for girls and my gays.

Allow her to elaborate: The trick to looking like a dude who doesn’t care, is in essence NOT TO CARE. I have a guy friend who matches his socks with his shirts, and I’m not talking business socks and a blue striped button-up. I’m talking shirts that say things like, “I’m bringing nerdy back” in hot pink with hot pink socks. Come to think of it, I’m not really sure why we are still friends… oh yeah, he helps me move shit. You shouldn’t worry about confrontation, the pleather trend will bite them in their own ass eventually… like when they start to realize they haven’t had sex since they retrieved it from the depths of fashion hell. Till then, point and laugh, totally non-confrontational and fun!

Mean Amanda and Nice Amanda have the same name, which is neat. They’re also both 20-something single women living in Tampa Bay who know the score. That’s where the similarities end.

Mean Amanda likes watching people hurt themselves and using her oven for clothing storage. Nice Amanda likes watching the OC and baking chocolate chip cookies for your birthday.
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