CL Premiere: Row Jomah ponders the end of an affair on “Shred the Gnar” from new LP, Guns & God & Gold

The band celebrates the album release on September 16 in Dunedin.

click to enlarge Row Jomah, which plays Dunedin Brewery in Dunedin, Florida on September 16, 2017. - Jess Phillips
Jess Phillips
Row Jomah, which plays Dunedin Brewery in Dunedin, Florida on September 16, 2017.

You can normally find Austin Llewellyn playing in the Dunedin Brewery house band on Wednesdays, but he’ll be behind the keyboard with Row Jomah on Saturday when the Clearwater-based five-piece takes to Dunedin Brewery to release a new, 12-track album of DMB-loving, horn and funk infused pop-rock. To celebrate, Row Jomah has shared a track from the effort, titled Guns & God & Gold.

“Shred the Gnar” owes its title to a conversation bassist Jason Berlin had when someone joked about his affection for longboarding, but the song’s subject matter is a little more serious.

Row Jomah throws an album release party for Cat People this Friday at Dunedin Brewery (2015)

“The actual song is about the end of a relationship (or affair), and the stream of consciousness things that go through a person's head when they're trying to figure out where it went wrong,” frontman Joe Roma told CL about the track the band which has been playing live — and enjoying — for years without lyrics thanks to Llewellyn’s swelling keys and lead from guitarist Melbourne Walsh. 

"I've purposely never written lyrics, just a general motif and a couple lyrical themes that repeat. I like the idea of the song taking on the life of however I'm feeling that particular day, every time I sing it."

“The song is very legato and kind of fragile,” Roma added, “so it's nice for it to end with that big almost punch in the face at the end, before returning just a little bit at the end to the fragile nature of the main body of the song.”

Listen to the track below and get more information on the show via

Row Jomah LP Release
Sat. Sept. 16, 9 p.m.
Dunedin Brewery, 937 Douglas Ave., Dunedin. Free.