Late Bloomers

The Sultan had nine wives ... eight of ´em had it pretty soft. Or so says a random sign propped atop one of Late Bloomers´ various antique-laden bookshelves. That´s the kind of wry sense of humor you´ll find in this favorite spot of our readers. Yeah, they have dinette sets and oldfangled women´s Sunday dresses, but those items also share the spotlight with stacks of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards and a Day-Glo portrait of Jesus (batteries not included). A once-over of the shop will tell the browser stories of old Florida through retro matchbooks, glassware and various desktop trinkets. And it´s impossible to miss the array of artwork and photography adorning Late Bloomers´ walls, from ornate sketches to black-and-white sports capture shots. Make sure to keep your eyes open for those out-of-place gems, including — our personal favorite — three (count ´em, three) Stephen Stills solo records nestled between the fine china and antique furniture. Very sweet, indeed.

Late Bloomers, 1908 S. MacDill Ave., 813-258-9580.