Head to Tampa's Armature Works for Sunday morning yoga on the lawn

Bonus: When you're done, there's food literally right there.

click to enlarge Yoga on the lawn at Armature Works - Public Domain CC/0
Public Domain CC/0
Yoga on the lawn at Armature Works

We know, we know — Sunday’s your brunch time and here we are, suggesting you grab your water bottle, mat and best yoga pants. That’s OK, though — because the folks at Kodawari Studios are pretty dang clever, what with holding yoga on the lawn at Armature Works, which is the same place where you can score quail eggs and skirt steak for brunch (yes, Steelbach, we’re looking at you). There’s nothing like a couple of sun salutations to make you feel like you’ve really earned that salmon board and prosecco, now, is there? The yoga’s free, but please preregister.

Armature Works, 1910 N. Ola Ave., Tampa. | 9:30-10:30 a.m. | Event page on Facebook