Sh*t Happened 7/17/17: Land O' Lakes sinkhole, Oldsmar neighborhood not so charitable, RIP Martin Landau & George Romero

Also, "Aaron's Party" had to be canceled.

Good morning. Nobody talk to me, I haven't watched it yet.


The biggest sinkhole Pasco County has seen in three decades swallowed two homes in Land O' Lakes and forced a neighborhood evacuation. The disaster has since been declared a hazmat situation, and now the local wells need to be tested for contamination. One teenaged kid who lives in the neighborhood and just wished something would happen in his boring corner of the world for once is now terrified he has powers he can't control.

Those uber-douchey vegan "protesters" who harassed a fishing family earlier this week were at it again, this time disrupting the grand opening of a Pollo Loco in Largo. Frightening children is not the proper way to get one's particular ethical philosophy across — who do they think they are, the church?

A plan to expand an Oldsmar charity that helps the homeless and poverty-stricken has neighbors upset about what kind of people it'll bring into the area. Which is never an, er, charitable look. Don't want the less fortunate spoiling the quiet charm of your neighborhood? Help end homelessness and poverty. It's literally that straightforward.


Tampa guy and human Boy Band Era fallout Aaron Carter was arrested with his girlfriend in Georgia and charged with DUI and drug possession. If he returns to musical notoriety or relevance of any sort, blame WTSP, which called him a pop star in their coverage of the incident, and sometimes that's all it takes.

A gun in a woman's purse accidentally discharged at an Orlando area mall, shooting another person in the leg. You know what's never gone off accidentally in someone's purse, traumatically injuring a stranger and requiring hospitalization and generally fucking up that stranger's life? A bag of weed, among about a million other things that aren't guns.


And finally, cinema lost two titans with the deaths of Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau and visionary zombie-flick innovator George Romero. Each brought a unique character and perspective to his creative calling, and our cultural landscape is so much richer for their efforts.