Paul McCartney in Tampa: Here's what you need to know about parking, driving, and getting tickets

The big question: is it really all sold out?

click to enlarge Paul McCartney in Tampa: Here's what you need to know about parking, driving, and getting tickets
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Sir Paul McCartney is coming to Tampa's Amalie Arena on June 10 and some of you have questions. Here are some bullet points to help you get there on time.

  • Is there an opener? Nope, and reports from previous shows lead us to believe that Paul will take the stage no later than 8:30 p.m. Amalie Arena says that, for most events, "doors will open to the public one (1) and half hour prior to the event." That means about 7 p.m. for Monday night. 
  • So what time should I plan on leaving? Well, that depends on where you're coming from and how early you'll want to be there. Waze has a great live map that can help you make a plan, or you can check for directions here, which leads us to the next thing...
  • Parking Where do you do it, and how much will it cost? Amalie Arena lists 13 different paid parking lots on its website, and the CIty of Tampa website lists even more. Also know that most onstreet parking in downtown Tampa is free if you are parked north of Kennedy Boulevard. If you have to think about which way is north for more than three seconds, then you best just pay to park somewhere. Expect to pay $10-$20 for parking.
  • You can also get to the show from Ybor City Just hop a TECO streetcar, bring money for the fare, and allow an extra 15-30 minutes depending on when you are finally ready to hop aboard. There are four stops in Ybor, and you can see schedule details here. A map of city-run parking garages in Ybor City can be seen here.
  • Is it sold out? Yes, and no. The show definitely sold out quickly, but random visits to the Ticketmaster site have unearthed an occasional seat. You can try secondary markets like TicketsNowVividseats and StubHub, but we're honestly not going to vouch for them.
  • What can I do to get in faster and not hold up the line for everyone else? We get it, some of you want to bring binoculars. Just don't  bring the binocular bags, okay? All prohibited items are listed here. Expect to go through metal detectors and possibly get wanded. Also expect to stand in line, which I'll personally do for an hour if it means a safer concert going experience.

Other than that, expect to be entertained for about three hours as Macca plays hits and deep cuts from catalogs by the Beatles, Wings and even his solo stuff. 

If you don't have a ticket, and still want to check out a show, then have a look at our daily live music rundowns here. You could also pretend you're there by pressing play on this New York City show from Paul below.