Pete Davidson calls UCF students 'privileged little assholes' at last night's show

"That's why the world is gonna end in 25 years, because you're all fucking retarded."

Photo via Pete Davidson

Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson headlined a comedy set at UCF's Addition Arena and, according to footage shared on Twitter and TMZ, began berating the audience of mostly students. 

When members of the audience began filming Davidson against his wishes, he responded by saying "that's why we're embarrassing. That's why the world is gonna end in 25 years, because you're all fucking retarded." When audience members cheered, Davidson pressed harder, calling them "morons," and sounding far older and grumpier than his 25 years.


His set included a Q&A session which he said was to kill time so he could "wait for his Uber," adding "I don't have to do these shows." At one point he apparently threatened to tell other comics not to play UCF.

\\My\ favorite\ part\ about\ Pete\ Davidson\ at\ UCF\ is\ when\ he\ told\ us\ we\ were\ lame\ and\ that\ he\ could\ just\ text\ up\ all\ his\ comedian\ friends\ and\ they\ would\ never\ come\ to\ our\ school\ as\ if\ he\ was\ thanos\ or\ something\<\/p\>\&mdash\;\ dammit\ sammit\ \(\@dammmooo\)\ \August\ 27\,\ 2019\<\/a\>\<\/blockquote\>\ \\<\/script\>\

This appears to involve a miscommunication, as students claimed on social media that signs prohibiting recording were not posted at the arena. 

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