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Part II

Victorian Jewelry Hand

Sleek, elegant and practical, this carved black arm ending in a delicate hand gracefully waving provides the perfect home for precious necklaces that otherwise become tangled in jewelry boxes. With a mix of the antique and a passing creepy resemblance to the monkey's paw, the Victorian Jewelry Hand is the perfect gift for your younger sister. Make a wish. $40.

Where to find it: __________ in Odessa.

Autographed Rafael Palmeiro Baseball

Chances are the disgraced Orioles slugger, who was suspended last season for steroid use, won't be showing up at card shows too often in the future. And that makes this ball a true collector's item. Plus, it comes from a shop that features autographed sports and Hollywood memorabilia, so you're bound to find some other asshole's signature to add to your "fallen from grace" collection. Also, at this particular store, all autograph proceeds benefit a traveling acting troupe that performs for underprivileged youth. $65.

Where to find it: _________ in Tarpon Springs.

Tropical Penguin Painting

This work by local artist John Shevlin, Jr., proves penguins are the new flamingos, especially ones that chill out in the tropics. This too-cool snowbird is perfect for anyone with a firm sense of whimsy — or those desperately in need of one. $65.

Where to find it: ______________ in Gulfport Art Village.

Novelty-purse night light

OMG, John Waters would just love this. What looks like a trendy little purse is actually a small lamp, perfect for bedside. $21.

Where to find it: _________ in Dade City.

Ceramic rice bowl and chopsticks

Teresa Bowen, a New Smyrna Beach craftsman, has fashioned a fun and useful bowl with cool wooden chopsticks, perfect for that miso-and-noodles breakfast once we all adopt the Japanese morning meal. $20.

Where to find it: _______ in Dade City.

Special Spurs

While searching for the ideal implement to wear on one's heel for jabbing into a large running animal, look no further than these half-inch designer European spurs with inset Swarovski crystals. Quite simply the most elegant horse spurs you are ever likely to find. $185.

Where to find it: ___________ in Odessa.

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