Florida group tracks leatherback turtle in the path of Hurricane Florence

As of Tuesday, she was swimming 25 miles off the coast of Virginia.

As of lunchtime, Hurricane Florence appears to have taken a hard left turn towards the Carolina coastline. While that's not good news for humans in the Category 4 storm's path, it does make life a little better for Isla, a leatherback turtle being tracked by biologists and volunteers from Florida Leatherbacks Inc.

"We are tracking a leatherback sea turtle as Hurricane Florence approaches," the group posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

While the storm's current track places the eye of Florence several hundred miles away from the Virginia (where Isla was meandering about 25 miles off of the coast), Florida Leatherbacks did say that the turt' would be "feeling the effects of the storm" beginning on Thursday.

The group believes that the turtle, which was swimming in relatively shallow waters yesterday (75 feet, approximately), will move offshore as the hurricane approaches. Another silver lining for leatherbacks in general: nesting season is over, which means we probably won't have to read stories about how Flo destroyed thousands of eggs and hatchlings.

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