Blessings: Is Chance the Rapper about to be SoundCloud's savior?

Someone get this guy a cape.

click to enlarge Chance the Rapper plays Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida on June 14, 2017. - Anthony Martino
Anthony Martino
Chance the Rapper plays Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida on June 14, 2017.

Over the last 48 hours, news broke that SoundCloud, the user generated service that serves as ground zero for the vast community of fans who prefer a free streaming service, may be close to going under

Last week, it was reported that over 40-percent of its staff, people spread out throughout the globe, had been laid off.

On Monday, the remaining workforce was called into meetings where founders Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss revealed that the company had to make the cuts in order to survive... another 50 days. 

It appeared that upon the arrival of the final business quarter of the year, it was anyone's guess as to how the streaming giant could stay afloat... that is until now. 

\\I\&\#39\;m\ working\ on\ the\ SoundCloud\ thing\<\/p\>\&mdash\;\ Chance\ The\ Rapper\ \(\@chancetherapper\)\ \July\ 13\,\ 2017\<\/a\>\<\/blockquote\>\ \\<\/script\>\

Cue the Grammy-winning, infectiously charming, social activist and philanthropist Chance the Rapper.

All but avoidable during the last year, Chance has rose to the top of the music industry through hard work and critical acclaim, especially for his 2016 LP Coloring Book.

As Twitter began to rumble with the announcement that Soundcloud only has enough money to survive another 50 days, Chance the rapper took to the social platform to announce he'd be 'working' on the matter personally

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For the newer Chance fans, the Chi-town native became an underground sensation off his first two mixtapes 10 Day and Acid Rap. 

Many people hearing Chance the Rapper for the first time did so on Soundcloud, as he never sold the projects, instead keeping with his promise to give people his music for free. 

While the initial release of Coloring Book was done so exclusively through Apple Music, Chance has stuck to the narrative that he will always promote the free, broad use of his music and stay away from such releases with paid streaming services.

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This is why he may be a fitting hero to help turn around a service that is beloved and used by millions around the world. 

Unfortunately, SoundCloud is has issues from the ground up, with institutional flaws from server design to subscription marketability.

Details on his involvement are still unclear, but if anybody can turn this around for the greater good, my money is on Chance.

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