Sh*t Happened 2/23/17: Do's and Don'ts (OK, mostly Don'ts)

Look, I'm way behind schedule and bare-knuckling the last couple of days of the week and tonight is CL's Meet The Brewers, so let's just bullet this one out with some common-sense solutions for living, OK? OK:

Don't take your machete to school.

Don't buy your boner pills at the bodega.

Don't get your plastic surgery done by somebody who got their "license" from Doctor Jamie's Made-Up Downstairs Apartment Beauty Enhancement Academy.

Don't fuck with the cops' new RV.

And finally, DO, by all means, love one another in the face of any differences in opinion, religion, politics, personal aesthetic or gender identity. People who got rich by keeping others poor or making them dead can suck it — the rest of us, it's stand together or fall apart.