Petition urging MTV to drop Siesta Key cast member who shot hammerhead shark exceeds 40,000 signatures

MTV has a history of glorifying scumbags, they argue, but where will they draw the line?

A viral video shows Alex Kompothecras gleefully shooting and killing an endangered hammerhead shark for no particular reason — except to nurture whatever sickness is in his own head that has grown unchecked over decades of entitlement. Another video shows a friend of his and some other degenerates dragging a shark behind their speeding boat.

Instead of consequences, Kompothecras gets the Jersey Shore treatment; fame via a reality show that deifies him for being born rich — and, with it, probably, an even greater sense of entitlement.

A petition that has been circulating for less than 48 hours suggests thousands of people hope to change that.

"MTV has a long history of glorifying the lifestyles of the rich and famous without much consideration for whether the people they make famous have any sort of moral compass," reads the text accompanying the petition, which you can find (and sign!) here.

As of noon on Wednesday, the petition has 40,527 of its 45,000-signature goal, and the signatures keep coming.

“Hammerhead sharks are endangered, and their population has declined 80 percent,” the Care2 petition reads. “It's sick to watch Kompothecras smiling gleefully as the helpless animal struggles and dies. He can be seen pumping two bullets into the poor animal while chuckling.”

And, even if you haven't seen the video, you could probably guess what kind of hat he was wearing. That's right; a red ball cap sporting the phrase "Make America Great Again."

Yet even if environmentalists see this kid as the quintessential Trump supporter, some of Trump's most vocal supporters have spoken out against such behavior. And even if the likes of Governor Rick Scott and Republicans in the state legislature aren't the treehugger type, many have condemned the behavior of bro and his buds.

The question is whether MTV will follow suit in condemning this unfathomably terrible behavior by dropping the star of Siesta Key.

"This behavior cannot be condoned or tolerated, even if the perpetrator is rich and famous," the petition text reads. "MTV must take a stand against this racist, sexist animal abuser."