How well do you know Tampa Bay?

100 things you gotta do

It all started when we discovered that one of our editorial staffers had never heard of Skyway Jack's.

"How is that possible?" was the collective, incredulous response. "You live here and you've never been to Skyway Jack's?"

The berating of said staffer (who will remain nameless, ahem, Joe Bardi) got us talking: What are some other things you must do before you can call yourself a true resident of Tampa Bay?

So we pooled our brains, solicited input from friends and staffers, and came up with our top 100: The Must-Do List.

Maybe you've lived here all your life, so you think you've seen it all. Run through the checklist to see how experienced you really are. Or maybe you've lived here for a while, so at least you know the lay of the land. Use the list to remind yourself of what you haven't done yet. Or maybe you're a new arrival, in which case you're now wondering, "Um, Skyway Jacks?" See #83 — then go back to the top of the list and use it as your guide. And just so you know exactly where you stand, our handy ranking system on page 25 will let you know whether you are a bona fide local or a slack-ass couch potato.

The Must-Do List runs the gamut from unavoidable annoyances to cultural requirements to critical culinary destinations. The items are numbered from 1 to 100 (with a few multiple-choice items snuck in), but that's just for convenience's sake: #100 is just as much of a must as #1.

Did we forget anything? E-mail us at [email protected].

– Anne Arsenault

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100 things you gotta do.