Sh*t Happened 10/26/16: Bishop's interesting new dentition, please don't give kids edibles on Halloween

We're too fatigued to conjure a snappy or interesting intro to today's Sh*t Happened column, so we'll use this space the way we're using all of our available space as election day approaches: Amendment 1 is a sham. It does NOT support alternative energy. It's a flat-out ruse. Please, don't be rused. (What? We make up words all the time. You know what we don't do? Lie to you about important shit.)

The Tampa Bay Lightning shut down the Leafs 7-3 in a game that cost rock-star goalie Ben Bishop a few of his teeth and delivered your last-minute Halloween party costume idea like a gift from the gods.

The Hillsborough Public Transportation Commission met to discuss the future of its executive director after the discovery of emails that suggest his relationship with local taxi companies might be a bit too cozy. Most commissioners opposed having Kyle Cockream fired or forcing him to resign, basically saying that if a corrupt tree falls in the woods, but its job was to fall in the first place, then no harm, no foul, or something equally senseless and indefensible.

Let's just put this entire woeful article on the state flag, and on a big sign at the state line.

And finally, this Halloween, pot candy is officially the new razor blade in the apple. The worst thing about this is the nagging suspicion some dimwitted fuckback might actually think that's a funny idea.