Super Mercado

"I am tired of hearing about Syesha! Unga Bunga!"
—Bradenton poster "rdub," in response to news of Sarasota native Syesha Mercado's whirlwind 5/9 visit to her home state after making American Idol's final three

"I'm tired of reading people complaining about everything. I, for one, like to see a local girl do good. Go Syesha! And keep your negative comments to yourselves, whiners."
—poster "TWM" in response

"Let her enjoy her fame — she's toast next week"
— poster "northfla"

"that's the problem with this part of florida, a whole bunch of losers who have nothing better to do than try to bash somebody who is actually doing something positive in their lives.... and if you wanna keep living as a negative hater, move to a depressing place, like nebraska, wisconsin, montana, or somewhere similar... this is the sunshine state ... be happy, or get the hell out"
—poster "dre_day" in response