St. Petersburg unveils logo for new pier

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The City of St. Petersburg has unveiled the logo for the new St. Pete Pier.

According to Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin, the Art Deco-style logo, which puts an emphasis on simplicity, will move through time as St. Pete does.

"We are creating a place that in one lifetime a person may come to first with their parents and play in a playground and grow up going to all of their lives," says Tomalin in the Facebook video that sheds light on the logo. "Maybe it might be the site of their first concert, then it might be the place that they become engaged. It might be the place that they get married and then bring their own children.

"And so we wanted something that's that timeless, that really transcends the arc of the lives of the people who will enjoy it, and [to] communicate that, you know, it will grow with this city and its people as they do."

Under construction since 2017 and 3,065 feet in length, the St. Pete Pier promises "interactive experiences" leading up to the pier head for locals and visitors alike.

What do you think of the logo?