The Short List

In Loving Memory of Lisa Turtle

Screech at the Improv
He may have gone all slick and suave, but he still can't stop time.

Kate on Lost
More swimming, please.

Howard Dean, Comeback Kid
Now Hillary's the one who's screaming.

Smokin' up on stage at Jannus
Snoop, George Clinton - theater so entertaining even the fuzz enjoys it.

The Pinellas low-bail option
Nice to know that if you get in your boat dead drunk and crash through five docks, you can make bail for $250 - if you're a deputy.

Downtown Tampa dreams
Café society - without the pesky customers.

ABC Liquors Advantage Card
For the frugal wino.

Tiger Balm
Sweet slow-burning relief.

From the George Bush language annals
1. "Does that make any sense to you?" he said, after rambling incoherently last week in Tampa. "It's kind of muddled."

2. "Nuke-u-ler" is now an accepted pronunciation in Merriam-Webster.

3. Make your own GWB speech at