What can Brown do for you?

Wal-Mart and the human brain

Fema's Michael Brown Pulled From New OrleansAccountability's a bitch.

Wal-Mart Kicks FEMA's Butt In Katrina Response
Feds considering outsourcing Iraq war to Target.

Researchers Find Human Brain Is Still Evolving
Hillsborough County Commission curiously absent from study's participant list.

Pentagon Revising Guidelines To Allow For Pre-emptive Nuclear Strikes
Colonel cites terrorist fluoride plot to "impurify all of our precious bodily fluids."

Williams Shines In Bucs Debut
Insert car pun here.

Tampa Bay Ripped On The Daily Show
All this to work with and you couldn't do better than strip malls?

John Roberts Begins Senate Confirmation Hearings
Giddy senators, taken with the nominee's strong jawline, vow not to ask any "pesky little questions."

Motorola Introduces iTunes-Compatible Cell Phone
Interaction between actual human beings declared officially over.

Sarah Silverman in The Aristocrats
Smart, filthy and dating that dolt from Win Ben Stein's Money.

American Al-Qaeda member Threatens Los Angeles
Two words, sucker: Jack Bauer.