Letters to the Editor

Seige Mentality

Re: "What Price Security?" by Neil Skene (Sept. 13-19)

In an otherwise good article, Neil Skene quoted Jeb Bush saying the "leader of the free world is the first target for terrorists' attacks," then added "from ground zero in Manhattan it might appear he's a little further down the priority list."

According to every news source I've seen and read the White House was targeted and would likely have been hit if not for the heroes aboard the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. Perhaps someone should explain to Neil that the word "target" does not mean "successfully hit"? Or was he just too intent on denigrating George Bush to care?

Bob Klase


That civil liberties will be sacrificed for security is a real and present danger, but this snide, jejune piece by Neal Skene serves the subject abysmally. We are talking about an act of terrorism tantamount to an act of war against America; we are talking about several thousand people dead. Your sly remarks and little left wing digs are wholly inappropriate. I cannot believe you hold a position of responsibility with this newspaper.

Ray Zacek


Like abusive parents, our great leaders have been buying this day for decades. From shadowy operations in Middle Eastern countries that defy the very concept of a government run by its constituents, to bloody destruction wrought in broad daylight, the leaders of the free world are no strangers to dealing out their own brand of terrorism.

America has been horribly wronged; this I don't dispute, but let's not kid ourselves about who has wronged our great country.

When asked about the assassination of JFK, Malcolm X had only one thing to say: "The chickens have come home to roost."

Jeremy Douglass
Via e-mail

Unfortunately, extreme circumstances sometimes dictate that extreme measures be taken. It was horrible that some innocent Japanese-Americans were detained at the outset of World War II, but obviously most Americans and yes, even the Supreme Court agreed that this would help to ensure the freedom of the country. I think most Americans, although probably not as dedicated to freedom and truth as you, would now also agree that we should take a closer look at Arabs in this country. The latest attacks on America did not come from a bunker in Afghanistan but from Arabs living and training in flight schools in Florida. And as for your effort to downplay the importance of the president of the United States as a target of terrorism and suggest that his brother is misguided: If not for the efforts of heroes on the hijacked plane that crashed in rural Pennsylvania, we might all have realized he wasn't very far down the priority list.

Mark Enloe
Via e-mail


I read your comments with great interest. Are you going to send a reporter over to interview the people from W.I.S.E. to see what they think of yesterday's events; or how about Mr. Al-Arian?

We are and have been at war; there is no doubt about it. The question is how will we balance our civil liberties against that, and what will the American people put up with in the course of fighting that war?

One of my reasons for commenting is that your paper has continually picked on Mr. Emerson and the people who exposed Jihad in America when that was a trumpet call for us.

Bob Tankel
Via e-mail

CorrectionThe fifth event in the Old Hyde Park Live Music Series took place from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 26, at Old Hyde Park Village, Tampa (813-251-3500). The List printed the date incorrectly.