Do This: #BLM: Arm yourself with knowledge in Childs Park

Hands Up United created Books and Breakfast for the black community, allies and partners.

Attention, black lives (and black lives allies and partners) — have you heard of Books and Breakfast? The movement started in Ferguson and has spread, and it’s an effort to connect the community, start a conversation about local issues and give the community the right tools to help fight injustice. Bringing it home, the Childs Park neighborhood will host a Books and Breakfast: The Movement for Black Lives Matter. What is this? What should you expect? Well, it’s a discussion of different points of views and organizations within the movement, alongside plans for the movement as it grows and short history of different black liberation movements. The idea is positivity and awareness which, hopefully, leads to change. Read more about the larger movement at

Books and Breakfast: The Movement for Black Lives Matter

Childs Park Recreation Center, 4301 13th Ave. S., St. Pete
July 30, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
727-893-7463. Event on Facebook.