Watch: Wolf-Face presents a rad new video for "Boof Ain't Too Loose"

Last week, the pube-faced, banana yellow basketball jersey-wearing pack of punk rockers, Wolf-Face, released a new music video for "Boof Ain't Too Loose," a cut off their 2015 split with Teen Agers.

Shot and edited by Costello Films, the vid finds Michael J. Wolf spliced into scenes from the original 1985 Teen Wolf film that was allegedly inspired by his life; it also has hilarious bonus subtitles (and emojis), which amp up the humor factor ever higher.

Download a copy of Wolf-Face's May 2016 release, Love Songs For The Lycanthropic, at their bandcamp page; it's a selection of remasters of all the songs off the quartet's original eponymous EP, as well as demos of other Wolf-Face tracks and covers of "Real Human Being" off the Drive motion picture soundtrack and "Cigarette Lighter" by Orlando's own Wet Nurse. Wolf-Face's next show date is Sept. 3 at The Hub in downtown Tampa; they play again at Pre-FEST on Oct. 27. Keep up with Wolf-Face by liking their Facebook page.