Best Sweet International 15 Minutes of Fame

Paula Brett's Candy Mandalas in Vanity Fair Italia

It doesn’t get much chicer that Vanity Fair. And it quite literally doesn’t get much sweeter than Paula Brett’s candy mandalas. The journalistic cornerstone featured one of the local artist’s candy mandalas in their May issue, dubbing it “gnam art” or “yum art.” Feeling “artistically stuck” and being no stranger to creating art out of found objects, Brett began experimenting with candy to create mandalas on the floor of her Tampa studio in 2013, then taking photographs of them from above. That same December, New York City’s wildly popular Dylan’s Candy Bar featured the candalas on every wall of the store. Drawing from the spiritually rooted art form that Brett fell in love with after seeing Tibetan Buddhist Monks create sand mandalas, the dreamy candy creations are a clever commentary on whimsy, frivolity, excess and spirituality.